What makes a mom?

Mothers do so much more than make meals, wash our clothes, and drive us to soccer practice and music rehearsals. They are present – from beginning to end. They change mountains of diapers. They sacrifice hundreds of hours of sleep to hold us when we’re crying or sick. They comfort us when we’re hurt by friends, and they swallow words of judgment for those same friends because they know how much we care for them. They lose chances to rest, so we don’t have to.

(Also, where do they get their magic cleaning abilities? Is there a training class for that when you become a Mom? If so…I have a complaint for HR.)

They grieve with us, and sometimes they grieve because of us. And yes, at times they’d like nothing better than to give us to the neighbors for a week or two. But they don’t…they forgive us for our tantrums and they make us dinner even as we’re giving them the cold shoulder. They offer advice, whether we want it or not, and they help shape our attitudes about the world and our place in it.

Motherhood in the tiniest nutshell you could fit it in: being there for your kids.

I know the word “mom” can be painful to some. Maybe your own mother was absent in your childhood for one reason or another. Maybe there were other women who played the part of nurturer while you were growing up. Who is your “Mom”? We would love to hear about those incredible ladies!

Whether you’re connected by blood or by choice, what do you appreciate most about your mom? And how do you celebrate her? (Or, if you are a mom, how does your family celebrate you?)